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RADAN Designer 2021.1

Learn what’s new in the latest release of RADAN Designer

RADAN Designer for Sheet Metal is now the de-facto tool to feed geometry data to RADAN CAD/CAM and RADAN Radquote.

In RADAN Designer 2021.1, the software’s extensive tool kit has been extended to make it even faster to prepare a part or assembly for production or quoting. The link to RADAN’s nesting solution now allows consistent part naming and instance counts.

The key benefits of the links from RADAN Designer 2021.1 are:

  • Error free transfer of geometric and logistical information
  • One-click disassembly of complex sheet metal assembly
  • Automatic filtering of non-sheet metal parts

RADAN Designer for Sheet Metal helps the operator to create a correct unfolding by offering continual feedback on problems in the unfolded part. An extensive tool kit allows any corner problems to be quickly rectified using circular or wedge corner relief shapes.

A design can altered by making changes in the unfolded part that are subsequently reflected in the 3D design. This allows the part design to be optimized by simultaneously making changes to the 3D part and its unfolded shape.