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Sheetmetal software - RADAN 2022
Sheetmetal software - RADAN 2022 Designer Blank
Sheetmetal software - RADAN 2022 Nest
Sheetmetal software - RADAN 2022 Bend CAM
Sheetmetal software - RADAN 2022 Nest
Sheetmetal software - RADAN 2022 Radtube Nest

RADAN Version 2022.0

DESIGNER Companion

DESIGNER Companion will be made available to all RADAN customers, as part of their SMA contract

Existing customers will be able to read in 3D files and turn them to sheet metal. The RADAN suite will start from 3D CAD for CAM!

Radraft DESIGNER Companion

Gives the ability to deal with 3D files. Unfolding with bending dies related setback included, and possibility to easily create 2D drawings for the production. Direct link with all the RADAN Classic product smoothen the workflow.

DESIGNER Companion plus Sheet Metal module

Direct modelling capabilities offers the possibility to easily modify a ‘look like’ sheet metal part to a real sheet metal part. Part creation is also possible within the same environment.

DESIGNER stores material data on the SFx platform

RADAN is connected!

All data will be stored in the cloud, easy to access anytime from anywhere. Material list and characteristics are stored on SFx, making them sharable and unique.

DESIGNER stores Bending data on the SFx platform

Easy access within the company these data are shared across all relevant contributors.

Adjustments are made possible to the people with the knowledge wherever they are in the company.

Corner conditions improvements

Faster and easier methods to add, modify or delete corner reliefs on a part. Save time and ensure a better quality to the final part.

Automation on adding bend function

When adding a bend to a part, DESIGNER Sheet Metal will automatically apply the associated bend relief. A productive way to faster create parts.

Add bend lines on the drawing

Produce documents to share with the bending operator. You can display the bend center line and accurately dimension it.

Help to avoid mistakes and rejected parts in the bending operation. Improve productivity and save material.

Add bend zones on the drawing

Help the operator to better understand the possible effect of the bending process on the part. Help with global accuracy warning on unexpected shape deformation. Improve part quality.

Add bend details on the drawing

Help on passing the relevant information to the bending operator using the drawing. Enhance communication and allow feedback to capture experience from the shopfloor.


New project behaviour

Nesting workflow starts with the nest project. The project behaviour has been enhanced to give more flexibility. You can work with an ongoing project or create a new one or even select an existing one from one single dialog.

New project dialog

Customers will be able to select all relevant project parameters from the same dialog. Reduce the mouse traveling and improve productivity. The same applies when unfold an assembly from RADAN 3D.

Automatic Setup sheet report

To smoothen the workflow and make sure the setup sheet is available for the shopfloor, it’s now possible to make it automatically output.

Automatic nest project report

For users who want to always output nest project report after the nesting calculation, we added this option. Again, this is a rize in productivity avoiding the user to always accomplish the same tasks. This option is also available manually through a simple right click menu.

Mark parts with important information using QR codes or Data Matrix

RADAN now support QR code and Data Matrix marking or etching. Punching or profiling, both technologies are supported.

Fully optimize to reduce the production time, this function helps tracking parts and simplify part management.


Automatically mark tenons to help mounting parts before welding

A very nice feature improving the tube assembly process. When adding tenons in Radtube, you can mark both parts with a pre-defined label. This is helping a lot the assembly stage, avoiding assembly mistakes and speeding up the entire process.

Automatically mark parts, and fully automated process

Redesigned nesting dialog to give more functionality and flexibility.

Now in Radtube you can automatically feed the nest schedule from the assembly, automatically mark all parts and automatically process the job.

A big step towards automation, saving a lot of time and so giving more flexibility to the production.


Reporting has been enhanced to give more visibility and add extra possible information.

Operators in the shopfloor get better document helping them to deliver a better job.



Get all the power of DESIGNER sheet metal to serve Radbend.

There is now a direct link available from DESIGNER to feed Radbend. Send to CAM function as been added to DESIGNER to automatically transfer a repaired 3d model to Radbend. Greatly improve the workflow and save a lot of time in the part preparation.

New post processor available

We enlarge the scope for Radbend to drive popular bending machines. Cybelec newest controller, Ermaksan and Durma bending machines have been added to the already long list of Radbend supported machines. Re-inforce the machine builder Radbend independence, freeing customer for their future investments.

Export Radbend tools to SAFAN controllers

Radbend is now able to feed the SAFAN latest controllers with the tool description. You don’t have to enter your tools twice. Do it in Radbend, and all tool parameters will be transferred to the machine.

Save time, provide consistency and prevent from double input and the associated errors.

Material synchronization with Radquote

The workflow looks more integrated. Create the material in WORPLAN and Radquote will use it!

Save time, errors and confusion.

It now possible to manage the Coil material type in all WORKPLAN & RADAN interface, two method Cut to length or produce from Coil

Working with coils is reducing part cost, but required big batches of parts.

Reduce material waste and simplify the material management in the shopfloor.


More 3D files format accepted by Radquote

Radquote was able to process Step files and is now accepting IGES files and vdf (DESIGNER) files. The process is still fully automated (model properly design) for single parts or assemblies. Parts not recognized as sheet metal are now processed as purchased parts.

Faster to quote assemblies, with less manual work required to clean up the 3D models.

Radimport link

Radquote can be linked with Radimport to speed up the import of DXF parts using Radimport. All Radimport functionalities are available, from CSV files to automatic part cleaning.

Faster way to use Radquote for large quotation from multiple DXFs.

Tube nesting is more consistent

Radquote can deal with bars and tubes from a long time, but the nesting process was not dealing with the raw material the same way as for sheets.

We added consistency by allowing the same parameters to be used to define the raw material. Ease of use and accuracy while quoting for bars and tubes.


Drag & Drop a RADAN sym files on an existing order, will automatically create the line with all relevant information

Faster and easier way to create an order in WORKPLAN. No need of typing, drag and drop, add part quantity and you are ready to go!

The remnant sheets are now managed in WORKPLAN

This function improve the material inventory consistency, lot more precise stock evaluation, and remnant management.