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Calculate The Costs Of Sheet Metal Parts For Quick & Accurate Quotes

Radquote has been specifically designed for the sheet metal industry for the fast efficient quoting of sheet metal parts. Utilizing RADAN’s extensive manufacturing capabilities allows Radquote to arrive quickly at accurate costs and professional quotations for the typical multiple operations involved in production. Radquote also works without CAD data by simply adding the basic part information and any operations and materials required, but utilizing CAD data automates a lot of these sequences.

Radimport can create a RADAN Nest Project from the parts you have imported. You have the option to edit the quantities and other properties of the parts before creating the Nest Project. Radimport can automatically launch the RADAN Nester for you to start nesting straight away.
Radquote comes with a standard set of cost calculations for operations like: material consumption; laser cutting; punching; bending , welding, painting, sub contracting and assembly. These operations can be customized and new operations added to meet your requirements. Quote level operations, such as analysis and transport cost, are also included.

RADAN Radimport Image

RADAN Radimport

With Radimport, geometry files are automatically converted to tooled RADAN parts. With the same mouse click, your selection of geometry files can be converted to a nest project.
RADAN eQuote Image

RADAN Radquote

Radquote is a sheet metal quotation program that will enable you to quickly and easily create quotes for sheet metal parts and purchased parts. It gives you a full breakdown of the costs and allows you to alter each cost area to give you the flexibility you need when negotiating.


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